Mobile Monday and 3 Tips for getting your App Seen

Posted on July 13, 2010 by


Put your brand in front of mobile job seekers

The team at MoRecNews love to talk about all things mobile, and in this growing industry we knew we weren’t alone.

Mobile Monday London is a great mobile community and informal networking group based in London. They meet to share mobile experiences and organise monthly networking events around hot topics and trends within the UK mobile industry.

Their next event on the 19th July will discuss best practices about getting your app out there, and the importance of marketing your app and letting your customers know you’re there.

If you haven’t already, go have a peruse at Mobile Monday’s website, they have some great stuff.

And here are my 3 top tips for making sure your App gets seen…

1. App Name- Your app name is incredibly important in the App stores, so choose wisely in order to get found. If you deal solely with sales jobs, this information should not be left out. Just like Google, keyword searching will make your app appear, and if a job seeker doesn’t know your brand, it’s important to think about what they might search for, so don’t be too obscure.

2. Tell EVERYone- Getting your app live is only the first step, the next is to market, market, market. High initial download rates are important for presence in the app stores, so you need to be ready. Ensure you have a clear marketing strategy in place before your app goes live, and let your job seekers know of all the places they can find your jobs. A YouTube video of how to use the app, is an excellent way to engage people with your product.

3. Branding- Your app is an incredible marketing tool. Job seekers who already engage with your brand will use your app as an extension of your other services, but your app also has great potential for engaging new candidates. Make sure your app is in line with your brand; your logo will be carried around with job seekers and shown to their friends; you will have your own personal pocket marketing channel to current and brand new job seekers, so make sure your company brand is a key part of your app.

Photographer: Andy Newson