How to double the online visits to your jobs

Posted on July 13, 2010 by


Mobile is climbing the staircase

So you have just sat down at your desk, it’s Monday morning. You had a great weekend and now are faced with 5 long days of work doing a job you don’t enjoy, for a boss you want to punch and for less money than you could earn doing the same thing elsewhere.

This feeling is shared among millions of employees every week. It is why all job search websites see the peak of traffic on a Monday. It is why after a holiday we see a bigger peak of job seeking traffic- the time off multiplies the sense of how rubbish the job is.

Today the peak of traffic is suppressed by peer pressure; eagle eyed bosses and IT directors. The combination of the latter prevents millions of people from opening their web browser in the office and visiting a jobs website. Typically the job seeker does not want to let on to their company that they are looking for a better job in a better company, typically this pleasure is saved for when the employee has secured that new job.

So big computer screens, visible to everyone, tracked by IT or blocked by IT is stopping the job site traffic peaks from flourishing.

Enter, Mobile Internet.

  • Mobile Internet is not seen by IT.
  • It is not blocked by IT.
  • A manager will have difficulty glancing at a 3″ screen as he or she strides past.
  • Colleagues cannot easily be nosy and check out the screen.

Mobile Recruiting is the perfect method for the job search process at work during lunch and breaks.

Obviously Mobile Internet is a tad slower compared to high speed broadband and Wifi access, but this can be overcome. A well designed mobile website will improve the experience.  One of the great benefits of a native mobile app such as an iPhone or Android app is the response speed of the app. Only the job data has to be zapped down through the air to the mobile, no need to send graphics etc. Data can be easily stored offline; various tasks can be carried out on the handset such as re-ordering etc. Apps vs. Mobile websites can be much faster when on mobile.

The mobile app also enables direct, to-handset alerts – on an iPhone this is known as Push Notifications. Job seekers want this service, see recent mobile recruiting research. Notifications allow SMS style alerts so 1:1 communication between the job site and the job seeker can take place without the need to go via email. The notification is a wonderful call to action, the job seeker is presented with a button to click to go and see jobs that match their needs! The immediate communication really does give the job seeker the feeling that a job seeking agent is sitting inside their phone working away for them.

Any Mobile support would be a start – the more comprehensive the better.

Every day I see stats that show the rapid growth in Mobile Internet consumption. If more corporate career sites, recruitment agency sites and more job boards offer mobile choice and allow job seekers to use their service at lunch we will see that lunchtime peak double; maybe treble!

So, listen up – get your Mobile Strategy live now! And please – Do not forget to tell everyone, a Mobile service hidden away won’t help the job seeker, or your company!