It’s not just about the iPhone…

Posted on July 9, 2010 by


Android and Apple Logos

A recent article on Ars Technica points to a survey suggesting that mobile developers are increasingly looking towards Android as a development platform and that, perhaps surprisingly, many mobile developers see Android as being a better long term proposition. While this report comes from the US where Android has undoubtedly made greater strides in market penetration that it has in Europe it can’t be long before this trend moves across the pond.

So what does this mean for mobile recruitment? The iPhone is definitely the place to be at the moment, and will probably continue to be in the near future, but Android should not be ignored. We at are already talking to several clients about getting them onto the Android marketplace, and we only expect the buzz around Android to grow over the coming months. Those that ignore Android risk being ignored themselves by a growing section of the smartphone userbase. I expect that before long only appearing on the iPhone will be the mobile equivalent of only supporting Internet Explorer on your website.