YouTube rolls out enhanced Mobile Experience

Posted on July 8, 2010 by


Wherever you look, there are signs that the future of Mobile is certainly not something any business should ignore. This has been exemplified this week with the behaviour of Internet giants, YouTube.

Yesterday, writing on the YouTube company blog, product manager Andrey Doronichev referenced the striking stats about Mobile Internet and its increasingly rapid uptake having the potential to overtake the desktop in the next 5 years.

He went on to announce that YouTube will be rolling out changes to their mobile site; recognising the need to create an enhanced user experience for their users on the move. “Today, more than ever, we know that you want to be able to find and access your favorite videos wherever you are. That’s why we’re rolling out an updated version of the mobile site.”

It is becoming more and more fundamental for businesses to listen to the changes in the market and ensure they have a decent mobile strategy in place. That should involve taking into account the functionality of your mobile site (if you have one), and through the implementation of mobile apps on the major players in the smartphone market, iPhone, Android etc.

YouTube have recognised the incredible value to their business model that has come from having YouTube applications and a fully functioning m. site. And they are producing phenomenal mobile stats: “YouTube Mobile now receives more than 100 million video playbacks a day.”

But as this is a site dedicated to mobile recruiting news, let me bring it back round… what is also important for recruiters to take away is the value that video content can create within your mobile apps.

Job seekers can watch your video content on their mobiles, through the app; whether this is a job seeking advice video within a job board’s app, or for a corporate recruiter, your app could include interviews with members of staff, ‘a day in the life of…’, etc – new, original video content that will make a job seeker interested in your vacancies and your company.

A mobile recruiting strategy is this season’s must have accessory; and it’s around to stay!