iPad or iFad?

Posted on July 8, 2010 by


So Apple iPad has sold 1 million units every month since release – not bad eh? In month 1 many suggested it was a fad product?  I disagree.

First of all 3 million in 3 months is huge! Thats half the population of Switzerland and more than the population of Wales. Apple have waiting lists – they can’t make the thing quick enough. But this could just be a really big fad!

Why am I confident the iPad and similar tablet devices (there are loads of Android ones on the way) is here to stay? The activity and demographic figures! They paint a picture that says this is not going anywhere!

Fad products have high activity on purchase day and then drop off. The iPad has achieved HUGE activity – the owners really do use it!

Morgan Stanley data shows the iPad being used for Internet browsing 2.07 times more than users on an iPhone. We know iPhone users generate 55% of Mobile Internet web page views, so thats a lot of traffic from an iPad. iPad users browse web pages nearly as much as Linux computer users!

iPad Internet usage

iPad users are downloading apps rapidly! There are 3,000 iPad dedicated apps vs 7,000 Nokia smartphone apps. The average iPad user is downloading 12 apps vs Nokia users downloading 5 apps! Blackberry is flagging behind the iPad when it comes to app download.

Mobile App Usage

Thanks to Morgan Stanley we can see that iPad is here to stay.

I would really like to here from any iPad users and any Android tablet users – do you use your new shiny device?