Apple responds To iTunes hacking reports.

Posted on July 7, 2010 by


TNW is covering the story about “App Farms” within the Apple iTunes app store, which appear to be involved in unauthorised use of people’s iTunes accounts. Apparently users’ accounts are being compromised and large numbers of apps are being purchased without their knowledge, running up large credit card bills.

Apple have responded to the story (See here) confirming fraudulent purchasing patterns and suggesting that those who have been affected cancel their credit cards and change their passwords. This is a big concern to anyone who depends on the iTunes app store for revenue. This could snowball into a big PR problem for Apple and reduce faith in the App Store, harming honest developers. Let’s hope Apple can fix this problem fast before any more damage is done.

Currently all mobile recruiting applications in the app store are free, so this hasn’t affected anyone in the recruiting industry yet. Let’s hope Apple get on top of this so it stays that way!