Mobile is the missing piece in the Social puzzle.

Posted on June 21, 2010 by


Do you use your mobile for social networking? If you are not one of the 100 million people that use the Facebook mobile app, then you must be one of the millions that use a Twitter mobile app?

If you are neither you must be holding on to an old, non-web friendly Nokia, waiting for either the N8 or iPhone 4?

Perhaps the phenomena, not discussed often enough, around Social Networking’s incredible growth in the last few years is Mobile Social!

Smartphone mobile Internet has enabled high availability social networking, I can tweet from almost anywhere! This has increased the volume of contribution to the social network space and the number of readers of social comments. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the tweets you read and see which client sent them; there’s a lot of mobile clients being given credit, or take a peek at TweetStat.

What does this mean to the recruitment industry?

Well, first of all, it should mean you realise the power of mobile and high availability of services! Today most recruiters recognise the opportunity around Social Recruiting, but most completely miss the rapidly growing connected opportunity of Mobile. Where do you think your Social Recruiting target are reading your tweets? A lot of them will be on a mobile! Mobile is the missing engagement piece of the Social Recruiting Jigsaw.

So what are you doing? Is your employment brand and vacancies available to the Mobile Internet user? At this point we really should stop and ask what does available mean?

If you tweet from your phone, do you use No? why ever not? Twitter supports a good mobile optimised website, which works on nearly any Internet enabled mobile.

Let me guess, you have a fancy smartphone, and in answer to the question, you could now show off your Twitter app of choice. As a user you demand an experience more suited to your whizz bang phone than some standard mobile web page that a phone 8 years old could support; good for you. User experience counts, it is critical to driving Internet innovation forwards!

It may not shock you to learn that iPhone / iPad still dominates in terms of  mobile Internet users, with highly active mobile owners making around 50% of all Mobile Internet visits. This position has dropped over the last year by about 15% due to the growing success of Google’s Android phone platform.

So before signing off, quick question- what is your mobile candidate experience?

Is it any good? Does it work at all?

Does it just about deliver an experience? Or do you offer a feature full iPhone or Android app and provide a high availability, high quality candidate experience?