Peter Gold’s Social Recruiting Workshop

Posted on May 27, 2010 by


Yesterday I supported Peter Gold’s Social Recruiting Workshop. The event had about 30 corporate in-house recruiters and 30 recruitment agencies. First up, the day was very enjoyable and I only heard positive comments- nice work Peter.

Compared to similar events 12 months ago the session showed huge developments in Social Recruiting. The fact the event attracted so many in-house recruiters illustrates this! But the really pleasing surprise was the level of engagement- most were now using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook! Perhaps a third had Facebook company pages! It is now past early adopter stage.

The legal side is clearly an issue, and in some cases is holding large firms back. This really does need clarifying in more detail, the brief legal presentation was frankly totally scary and for me just raised lots of concerns! At one stage the 15 min discussion touched on the subject of personal data publicly published on Twitter being subject to DPA, which I believe is not how most “non legal” understand it!

I was very surprised by LinkedIn user numbers! UK users are circa 4m which is about 10% of the UK population that can work. Somehow I thought it was more?

I was very impressed with the delegates’ attitude; it has totally switched, they want Social Recruiting, they want to make it work and are investing. Consultants in this space should be beaming and very busy!

My favourite Twitter tool was shown off, – go check this out!

I know it is not ‘Social’, but SEO seemed to really excite people, I was questioned about SEO a lot; for professional help check out Ianson SEO and Internet Marketing.

There was nothing about Mobile 😦 but chatting with folks I got the impression people were very interested. Most the delegates had smartphones and were tweeting / emailing / facebooking etc!

Peter has agreed Mobile will be on the agenda in the future.