Agenda for #tbMobRec – are you watching?

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Talkback Mobile Recruiting 5th May 2010, 10am GMT


1. Where mobile is today – facts, figures, catch up.
2. Discuss points from Twitter…
a) @alexhens & @TristanGreaves Is Mobile really so Big? Or is it just hype?
b) @RecruitmentDad I think that there is a future in mobile recruiting. Would I sit on a bus and do an organic job search? (eg Google) No.
c) @RecruitmentDad Would I want to apply immediately? Yes.
d) @SiteAdvisor how will we overcome the difficulties of applying from a mobile phone?
e) @JobNet_AUS should Mobile Recruiting just target White Collar? What do you think?
f) @andyheadworth what effort is being taken for those who don’t have a BB or iPhone?
3. Results of our candidate survey?
4. What do you want to see in your future mobile applications?
5. Anything else (mobile only)?

You can join in on Twitter. There will be a live twitter update and you can respond and be part of the discussion live. Just remember to Tweet with #tbMobRec

The fun kicks off at 10am (GMT)