Why Mobile Recruiting?

Posted on April 28, 2010 by


Here is a spontaneous video interview to share what it is all about and why you should be thinking about your Mobile strategy now.

After announcing Talkback Mobile Recruiting #tbMobRec I have had many people tweet, email and ring me up to learn more about the day and about Mobile Recruiting.

I thought before going into detail about how to support recruiting practices via the mobile it may be best to summarise headline mobile Internet progress.

+ By 2014 there will be more use of Mobile Internet than Desktop Internet.
+ Nearly 1 third of Mobile Traffic is from an iPhone.
+ There are 160,000 iPhone Apps.
+ Worldwide over 60m iPhone or iTouch devices have sold.
+ 2bn apps have been downloaded.
+ Jobseekers are looking for Apps.
+ Jobseekers are searching for major brands in AppStore.
+ Mobile Apps attract users.
+ Jobseekers want to use Mobile Apps.

We are running a questionnaire and asking jobseekers what they want. The results of this survey will be published on the 5th May 2010 to be discussed at TalkBack Mobile Recruiting, #tbMobRec.