Mobile pace set, can you keep up?

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Mobile vs Desktop

Mobile vs Desktop

Mobile Internet usage is growing, not just slowly but fast as speeding bullet!

The latest Morgan Stanley research released last week provides yet more evidence that the Internet is on the move, shifting from the desktop, via the laptop to your mobile! The Morgan Stanley stats illustrate the Mobile growth vs desktop declination, they quote the Mobile to have overtaken the desktop early 2014!

Wow, that’s pretty darn quick. So what does that mean? First up, Mobile based adverts will get more popular! Interestingly the growth has broken out of the browser, the RIA (Rich Internet Application) which was talked about so much in the last 10 years has arrived, namely the Mobile App.

The mobile growth is due to the combined arrival over the last few years of improved networks and simple easy to use handsets. The motivation for growth is one of convenience. Perhaps surprisingly Mobile is frequently used over wi-fi with video representing 69% of the traffic! Even with the smaller screen which is clearly an inferior view experience to a desktop, the immediacy of Mobile Internet is winning over the user.

E-Commerce shopping is moving across to the mobile, the early behaviour trends are being set in Japan, where last year saw 18% of e-commerce revenue transacted from a mobile. This is nearly $200m.

The user adoption of Mobile Internet has driven growth over the last year to a point where 3G Mobile Internet is now mainstream. Worldwide the UK is now ranked 5th for 3G usage and innovation. Knocking Japan off the top slot is USA, where the 3G growth has been enormous.

The current growth puts iPhone and Android (Google Phone) as the key players of the future. Currently Blackberry and WinMob is losing market share.

Device Market Share

Device Market Share

So why should a job board or a recruitment agency care? How does mobile growth affect you?

My challenge to you is:

“How many candidates or revenue for your business is via online?”

“Over the next 4 years as Desktop usage declines in favour of mobile, what are you doing to support your users and your business as Web M grows?”

There are a few areas you should be thinking about.

1. Mobile optimization of your website.

2. Mobile applications.

The Mobile Application is more than just a platform, it is a marketing channel. Apps are growing, the final direction of the web utility of tomorrow and job hunting is a web utility. Unless your core business is financial city recruitment you should focus on iPhone, then Android, then Blackberry.

Your mobile strategy should start off simple, getting you onto the platform. As the future develops, your platform should develop. Each year your mobile offering should grow with the market space. Such an evolutionary approach mirrors the market, when Mobile does overtake Desktop Internet you will already be in position.

The 87 page report can be found in full at this will be the discussion topic of future posts, I am sure.