Power, Power, Power – not good!

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Powerful Search Engine
Powerful Search Engine

Does your website expose a job search? Great, today’s post is to challenge YOU!

What happens if you put a powerful large engine in a smart car?

Typically a bigger engine means faster car. The top of the range super cars have huge engines so surely we can copy this? We can shove one enormous engine into a little smart car to achieve the most wonderful driving experience? Well NO, we all realise that this won’t work! Something is going to break, even if you did manage to physically fit the thing, someone is likely to get killed if they climb into that driving seat . The driving experience will be non existant.

Why do you have a job search on your website?

What are your online objectives?

If you are a Recruitment Agency or a plc HR I guess the following might be part of your answer…
1) To advertise available positions
2) To attract interest and receive applications
3) To get CVs without paying a Job Board
4) To direct your social network to something useful

These points or something similar seem to be the common business drivers, for online job search. It is unusual to hear the answer,
“To see what jobs people might be looking for, if we only had such vacancies.”

If you read Felix Wetzels challenging blog you may feel that acting on behalf of the candidate is the answer?

So you have invested in online search solution that let’s your candidates search by any criteria they want – such as Location, Keywords, Industry, contract or perm, salary range and position type full or part-time? This super solution, with similar features to expert job boards such as Monster and Jobsite is surely going to boost your business and hit those objectives?

NO – probably not, sorry.

The key is having a search solution that matches the number of jobs you offer. If you have under 300 jobs and offer search options such as Location, Free text keywords, industry, etc you are giving the customer a microscope. A microscope is great when there are thousands of jobs to search. A microscope with 300 jobs is more like searching for a needle in a haystack. A recent job search I reviewed offered so many search combinations that it was easier to win £10 on the National Lottery than be lucky enough to find a job.

Is your technology delivering over powered solutions ignoring the majority of your candidates? Is your Job Search a super engine simply in the wrong car?

The challenge of mobile recruiting forces you to consider simple search options that provide the candidate with jobs to view. Mobile is slow, a “no results” screen is very frustrating.

The take away from this post is think – Candidate Experience.

Consider your typical audience, is your website designed to help them and achieve your business objectives? Or as it is too often the case, is the tail wagging the dog?

Think about it – pick up a CV (that did not come in from your website) and go search on your site as the candidate would? Do it properly and you will be shocked by your experience.