10m people in UK use Mobile Internet

Posted on March 30, 2010 by


Over the last few weeks I have spoken to many people about mobile recruiting strategy. I believe we still have a number of marketing managers who don’t believe that Mobile Internet is popular or mainstream. I have one thing to say to anyone with that view – WAKE UP!

Not only has Mobile Internet arrived, it is growing – rapidly. Today there is an estimated 10m UK Mobile Internet users.

If you look globally there are about 23% of the world population online. Currently over 70% of new Internet subscriptions are Mobile Internet subscription. (although this include mobile broadband USB sticks)

If you don’t have a Mobile strategy you need one.

Your Mobile Recruiting strategy should see you supporting a Mobile optimsed website. Then you should be focusing on native Mobile Apps. The first App should be an Iphone App.

Why is an iPhone app important – because iPhone users actually use the features on the phone. Your brand along with job seeking keywords are being searched in AppStore / iTunes by the 60m+ iPhone users. There are great examples of presence in AppStore dramtically increasing mobile site usage, sometimes by more than 200%. You should be getting business on the back of Apples huge marketing spend promoting the catch line “There’s an App for that”.

Start thinking Mobile.

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