Are job boards Doomed by 2010?

Posted on February 9, 2010 by


As the TRULondon unconference gets closer to show time it is the “Job board of 2020” track that excites me the most!

First up you need to fully appreciate what is so UN about an unconference?

It is an event where the discussion is audience driven. A great track has the great insightful input from the track leaders but also the ideas and views from the audience. This is the power; it allows a forum for “TRU” collaboration of thoughts from multiple experienced individuals (the audience)!

So why does this particular track get me buzzing as if I just drank 5 shots of espresso? Well, who is going to be in the audience, and who is track leading?

We know Jobsite are a fellow sponsor for the event so senior management will likely be present, possibly Keith, I know of three or four  job board owners who plan to attend this track. Then on the other side of the coin we have Recruitment Agency owners, some who have enjoyed fantastic success within social recruitment to the extent that they no longer use job boards! (yes- really)

In the middle we have Alan Whitford and Keith Robinson who have both served time within job boards and the recruitment industry for some years. Not forgetting Simon Lewis founder of the very social and rapidly growing Only Marketing Jobs.

The debate will be full to the brim with opposing views, innovation, surprises and revelation! The track leaders will have their time cut out keeping control.

How will we shape 2020? Will there be flying cars? Will we have clean fuel?

Will job boards be dead? Do we think that social networks will take over the web during this decade, slaying the Internet giant Google? Already Pepsi dropped super bowl sponsorship in favour of $20m of social advertising! As social eats up advertising revenues from job boards and Google alike, what will the counter play be? Will the big web boys develop their own jobs platform to attract or keep the millions they could be losing ? How will the next 10 years play out?

Well we might not cover everything with the crystal ball, but it should be fantastic fun debating it!

I shall be there and I can’t wait. So many people tell me that the Job Board is dead! Although many other people suggest Rec Cons will fizzle away too! I don’t believe either will happen.

There will be change, a new dynamic channel (social) has become mainstream and this deserves changes. Ideally this will drive enhancements from services such as Job Boards and innovation. Change is GOOD. Large companies change slowly, putting an opportunity to the SME, so Change may alter the market shape. I can not wait, and it will be great fun discussing why!

We have been working very hard on new features for our Job Search Engine – These changes may be worth discussion.

So thanks should go to Bill Boorman, for the TRU events, and for reminding us that it will be 2020 in only 10 years time! (wow- that makes me feel old)

See you there, as a sponsor I feel I should also tell you tickets are available at: