Online Recruitment; What’s the Point?

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There are too many useless and rubbish recruitment websites- we need a mass purge or mass redesign!

Does your site look as old as the Ark?
Does it confuse users, making them think hard to do anything?
Are you getting any return from your website?

These are the questions I asked myself when I was reviewing a number of Recruitment Agency websites this week. One of our current projects is redesigning a highly successful recruitment agency’s website. The agency in question has been online with a good site since the 90’s. However the competing agency websites revealed a number of shockers!

Once again I was reminded of the level of rubbish out there! I know it is harsh, but it is true!

The Rec Con website is a representation of the business. It will affect how the business is viewed. What does your website say about you..?

This bunch are professional
This lot are cowboys

These people work with all the cool companies
Do these guys even have any jobs?!

This company is friendly and approachable
I am not calling this lot, they already scare me

Please go and have a look at your site. Consider the following…

1. Is it up to date looking? You would not run an advert that looked like it was from the 70’s so don’t run a website stuck in the 90’s. (I know this is fashion etc. but your website is your greatest marketing tool)

2. What are the objectives of having your site? Does it fulfill them? If you want candidates to apply is it easy for them; are there jobs or roles to apply for?

3. Is it easy to use, well signposted? Can people get what they want quickly? So many sites have confusing navigation, search tools that are over complex for 100 jobs, with pointless distracting features. Are you guilty of running such a beast?

4. Does it successfully communicate your company values?

5. Does it work on a mobile phone? Mobile browsing is growing; how do you stack up?

I hope this helped. I am working on a checklist to help Rec Cons score their sites and identify the flaws. If you have any feedback I would welcome it. You can tweet me at @topbananas

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