Do you bother spending the time to reply to unsucessful candidates?

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Yesterday evening a friend of ours was complaining about the job market. As the frustration began to vocalise itself I expected it to be about the volume of jobs available and choice. But to my surprise job availability was not the complaint!

The fact that there are currently not as many roles around in the jobseeker’s particular field due to the recession, was not in fact, the jobseeker’s main complaint.

The real bug bear was the poor and rude behavior of the recruitment industry.

After searching for that suitable job and then tailoring the CV to apply; being treated with zero respect and no manners was felt to be totally unacceptable. It was being faced with total unprofessional behavior from the recruitment agency and from direct applications that caused this candidate to be passionate about telling everyone possible about the ‘waste of time’ companies.

Most companies and agencies failed to reply at all. Some rang up, suggested the candidate was perfect, agreed to put forward the CV – great. But then they never called back. This action left the candidate excited and hopeful; but a few weeks later after failed attempts at getting back in touch with the recruiter, just filled with anger and frustration!

I know the recruitment industry is tough and hard work, but this approach only makes it harder for everyone.

The agencies that got it wrong were a mix of large international brands we all know, and small, one-branch private firms. The fact that so many agencies behave so badly is not an excuse. Now all the candidate’s friends and social networks will think twice before using any of them!

Please, please look after your candidates and turn around the reputation of recruitment agencies!

If you are can not see the business case to reply to all candidates and act professionally then you need help!

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