The history of mobile job searching

Posted on October 14, 2009 by


Today we launched our new release of the iPhone job search application. But I think it is only right that we take the time out to stop and appreciate the long and difficult journey of mobile web.

Lets start with the early mobiles. It all started in 1979, yes 30 years ago – check out this BBC Archive clip

It was not until 17 years later, 1996, that the first commercially available mobile web service was available. We have to thank Nokia with the Communicator 9000 on the Sonera network in Finland for starting it all off. Check out an old Nokia advert

In 1999, just 10 years ago, we got the first mobile specific browser from the i-mode service launched in Japan. Mobile dedicated sites had to be written in WML and the buzz word of the day was WAP.

So, by 2002 many people had monochrome mobile devices with no nice way to input text or click hyperlinks. But they had mobile web access.

The two-way pager that had been around since 1999 was re-released in 2002 as a mobile email device with a keyboard, the BlackBerry, hit the enterprise market big time! Their devices were not good enough for web browsing, the input mechanisms were still not fun and speed was a problem.

Over the next few years, Nokia, HTC and Blackberry launched various devices that introduced touch screens, full colour, sound, full HTML web browsing and much more.

And then Apple released the iPhone, bringing it all together in one good-looking package.  The biggest development from the iPhone is, without doubt, the AppStore.

Where next? Andriod (Google phone) now has an AppStore / Market Place which is starting to grow, so clearly this will be the Apple USP for some while.

The input, the screen and the speed of handset are all SO much better than it once was. 10 years onfrom i-mode, the Mobile Web has finally arrived.

And you can now search for jobs as well.