Are you wasting time with the web?

Posted on September 8, 2009 by


Do you use the web as a tool to help you fill vacancies?
I hear a general murmur to suggest: “Yes, we do

Ok so you post your jobs on your website, you search online CV databases, anything else?
One brave heckler pipes up: “Linked In, Twitter“.

What are you doing with these tools?
Some of you are searching for people, building networks and fulfilling business- but many are not.

My thoughts this week and my research effort is on how well the majority of recruitment consultants or companies are engaging with the web, and how to help companies do more, quickly.

I reviewed a recruitment consultant website survey I did last year- horrific.

Many have no clear call to action to apply.
Many hid the jobs from Google.
Many had poor, or no, SEO.
A lot seemed based on the worst user experience possible.
Hardly any work on mobile.
And only one did anything with Twitter.

Perhaps you can help me understand the situation better – attracting companies or candidates via your own website; worthless?

What are the obstacles?

What is a decent site, bringing you business and candidates, worth to your business?